Hey! I’m using this survey as a transitional tool to help me keep track of the new changes we’ve made to our processes in the kitchen. We're all learning to accommodate these and I don't by any means expect perfection, mistakes are normal, but they are important to me and my goal is that we follow all the rules.

The purpose of this survey is not to get people in trouble. Please be honest and transparent. If there are things we need to improve on, my plan is to talk about them and come up with ways to enable us to get better. But it starts with you guys responding honestly. From there we get to hone in on what improvements we need to make in order for it to be easy and second nature to meet our regulations. It may take time for you to write out your specific responses, so do this when you don’t feel rushed, and log those few minutes in your timesheet!

I appreciate you!
- Isabel

How do you feel we are doing as a company to follow the below regulations?
How do you feel we are doing as a company to follow the below regulations?
We always label refrigerated items with the date we open them and their determined use by date.
All fridge and dry stock foods are stored in FICO (first-in, first-out) order and we use "use first" stickers to mark oldest items.
To the best of our ability, in the refrigerator foods are stored in this top-to-bottom order: ready-to-eat food on top, then seafood and eggs, then whole cuts of beef and pork, then ground red meat or seafood, then whole and ground poultry on the bottom.
We always wear gloves when handling ready to eat food, and we always change our gloves when required.
We are cooling foods within the proper time/temperature requirements and completing the time/temp logs to document this.
We always follow this procedure when cleaning dirty prep tables: wash with soap, rinse with water, sanitize, air dry.
Equipment is always air dried before use.
Equipment is always stored either covered or inverted, and so that it can self-drain and air dry.
We always follow the jewelry, fingernail, and other personal hygiene requirements.
We always follow all hand washing requirements.