2/26/18 Menu

DF: Dairy Free  ◉  GF: Gluten Free  ◉  P: Paleo  ◉  SF: Soy Free  ◉  V: Vegan  ◉  VEG: Vegetarian  ◉  W30: Whole 30
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B1: Cranberry Coconut Oatmeal Muffins
DF, SF, V, VEG. Contains almonds and coconut. Delicious, filling, and lightly sweetened. Six muffins per order. 256 Calories, 3g Protein, 33g Carbs, 12.5g Fat (per muffin)
B2: Protein French Toast with Bananas and Pure Maple Syrup
DF, SF, VEG. Contains egg, wheat and almonds. The healthiest way to eat french toast!
B3: Scrambled Eggs with Kale, Roasted Sweet Potato and Avocado
DF, GF, P, SF, VEG, W30. Contains egg. 483.5 Calories, 17g Protein, 49g Carbs, 24.5g Fat
B4: Veggie Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust
DF, GF, P, SF, VEG, W30. Contains egg. Bel's favorite breakfast :)
B5: Matcha + Pineapple Coconut Chia Pudding
DF, GF, P, SF, V, VEG. Contains coconut. Delicious, dairy-free pudding, now topped with pineapple!
Regular $9 Large $13
L1: Spinach, Berry & Pecan Salad with Herbed Chicken
GF, SF. Contains milk and nuts. Made with Spinach, Berries, Pecans, Feta and our Balsamic Dressing. 552 Calories, 33.5g Protein, 13g Carbs, 47g Fat
L2: Buffalo Chicken Wings with Dill Potato Salad and a Pickle
DF, GF, SF, W30. Contains egg and coconut. Tasty comfort food, the healthy (and delicious) way!
L3: Lentil-Tahini Burger
DF, SF, V, VEG. Contains wheat and sesame. Served with Greens on Organic Bread with Bell Pepper Strips and House Hummus
L4: Salmon Salad Sandwich
DF, SF. Contains wheat, egg, fish and almonds. Served with Romaine on Organic Bread with a side of Grapes and Almonds.
L5: Couscous Chicken Soup
DF, SF. Contains wheat. We put a spin on comforting chicken soup!
Regular $13 Large $19.50
D1: Honey Orange Chicken Thighs with Snow Peas and Jasmine Rice
DF, GF, SF. Contains sesame.
D2: Blackened Salmon with Roasted Asparagus and Winter Squash
DF, GF, P, SF, W30. Contains fish.
D3: Chipotle Beef Patty with Roasted Broccoli and Sweet Potato Fries
DF, GF, P, SF, W30.
D4: Apple Sage Pork Chops with Green Beans and Herbed Quinoa
D5: Roasted Veggies and Jasmine Rice - Choose your own Protein!
Boxer Bars : $2 each or $9 for a 5 serving snack pack. Will be back next week! Fresh Snacks and Bites : $4 each or $19 for 5 serving snack pack.
GF, DF, SF, V, VEG A super tasty not-too-sweet treat! Made with SunWarrior Protein.
DF, GF, SF, V, VEG. Contains peanuts. We love Eric's bars and currently have minimal quantities of all three flavors in stock: Buckwheat Buzz (chocolate & coffee), Cinnamon Bunny (carrot cake), and Hot Date (dates & cayenne). Mention your fav flavor in the comments and if we have it in stock, we'll make it happen! Find out more about Eric's bars on his website at buckwheatbar.com.
S4: Apple Slices with Almond Butter
DF, GF, SF, P, W30, V, VEG. Contains almonds.
S5: Carrot Sticks with Homemade Hummus
DF, GF, SF, V, VEG. Contains sesame.
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