Meet Our Personal Chefs


Sabrina Koeppen

Personal Chef

As a self taught chef, I have been cooking for over 30 years and am a very adaptable in the kitchen. I usually spend my free time practicing recipes and trying to make everyday feel like vacation - so naturally, what's not to love about being a part of the Food by Bel team?!! I get to work every day with my biggest passion in life.. PIZZA....well, not just pizza, but FOOD... I get to create connections, unite families, give back to the world and show love!


John Pollard

Personal Chef

Originally inspired by cooking shows on PBS and The Food Network I first developed my interest in cooking as a teenager. As such, one of my earliest jobs was cooking in a local Italian restaurant. As I grew older I became more and more interested in health, and what better way to a healthy lifestyle than to eat good food! This interest lead me to the world of organic farming and sustainability which broadened my knowledge of local produce and practices tenfold. I specialize in from-scratch cooking with an emphasis on whole foods. 

I continue my appreciation for food and its benefits to this day as a personal chef. As we get busier it’s harder to find time to make nutritious meals that taste good and are nutritious. Let me cook your next favorite meal! Whether it’s pizza or wings, steak and salad, kombucha and hummus, I love to cook it all! 

In my free time I enjoy getting outdoors climbing, hiking, cycling, paddling, or being on some kind of adventure.


Joy Irias

Personal Chef

My style of cooking has been largely influenced by a combined background of Hispanic and Amish home cooking and a passion for healthy food. I've worked in bakeries, restaurants, food trucks, etc. but I love being a personal chef because I believe that there is nothing more PERSONAL and fulfilling than creating exciting meals for health-conscious people! Thrilled to be working for a company like Food by Bel where I can help people live a more balanced, healthy, and flavorful lifestyle!


Candice Quick

Personal Chef

With more than 15 years of culinary and kitchen experience I have let one thing guide the way, passion!  Passion for learning, creativity and of course cooking up amazing meals.  Attending the Culinary Institute of America provided a foundation for culinary knowledge, and stellar hands on training with some of Columbus's best chefs has provided a wealth of passion to constantly strive for the best.  There is no better feeling than creating a meal that people cannot stop talking about and I am so excited to be apart of the Food by Bel team to share my passion!

James Vassar

Personal Chef

My love of cooking started at a very early age. Remembering my grandmother’s kitchen brings back memories of fresh baked pies and seeing fresh cut noodles drying on bath towels. It only made sense to follow my heart and achieve a degree in a culinary arts program. That taught me all the formal techniques and skills that make me the chef that I am today. I wanted a career that I didn’t need to take a vacation from, I want to run into a kitchen and create meals that bring families together and allow them to enjoy the best moments of their day. Nothing could be more satisfying to me.

Being apart of Food by Bel allows me to follow my heart and share how cooking healthy and smart helps to provide a wonderful meal for your family so you don’t have too.