isabel Young

Founder and CEO

Our Mission


To enable busy people to eat healthily!
Everyone deserves nourishing meals but most of us don't have time to plan, chop and cook our own meals, let alone healthy meals that often take more time. Food by Bel bridges the gap and delivers customized, healthy, fully-cooked culinary creations for every meal of the day, right to your doorstep or office! Food by Bel also provides a Personal Chef Service for clients with more unique needs and as a cost effective option for families. 

Our Core Values

Meals with Integrity
Sometimes the right decision isn't the most inconvenient decision, and at Food by Bel we're committed to making the right decision, no matter the cost. You can trust our Chef's to create your meals with the highest standards for quality and excellence.

Exceptional Customer Service
Many aspects of our service originated as client's requests and suggestions. Microwavable meal containers and options for larger portion sizes are two examples of suggestions we received from clients and were able to implement! Our clients are always greeted with a cheery tone and a smile, because that's what we're about :)

A Life-Giving Workplace
The staff at Food by Bell will tell you - it really is like being part of a family. (Especially when morning work meetings take place in Isabel's living room and everyone gets eggs and bacon for breakfast). We strive to build each other up, have grace for each other's mistakes, value people over tasks, be open to feedback and communicate openly - and we love it!

Three years ago my passions for food, wellness, business and people came full circle when I realized a need in our community: people lack time and desire healthy food. Last year I married my best friend and went full time marketing my idea. Fast forward to right now, and Food by Bel is booming with a staff of ten and hundreds of hungry clients!
I could have never launched Food by Bel without the God's guidance and the tireless encouragement and witty ideas from my husband Michael. I am dedicated to enabling busy people to eat healthily, and having an option for everyone - from single corporate executives to the middle class family of eight on a Paleo diet. I love bringing people onto the Food by Bel team who are like I was - incredibly passionate but scared to death that they're not going to get to live their dream - and equipping them with lasting confidence at a company where they feel heard, are honored and can grow.
Food by Bel is a vehicle built to serve our city and accomplish the God's plans, by enabling healthier lifestyles, creating life-giving careers, and also helping to accomplish Michael and I's larger goals. My main career goal has always been to be a stay-at-home mom with at least six babies, and I'm also super excited to one day be able to seek out elderly people who are still in the workforce and cover their expenses so that they can retire. So when you do business with us, your tummy will not only feel good, but we hope your heart does too!
- Isabel Young, Owner, AKA Bel :)


Haleigh Williams

Kitchen Manager

My name is Haleigh Williams, I am 30 years young and (basically) a Columbus native. I stumbled on FBB via Instagram when it was brand new and WOW! I am so happy that I was "wasting" time on my phone that day! First just working with Isabel, and now with the growing staff is incredible. I am so excited to be a part of this team and for our journey together. From cooking alongside each other in the kitchen, to collaborating on new ideas it's been an ideal working relationship and environment.  I get to wear yoga pants and jam out to music in the kitchen while cooking (and singing) from the heart as I prep your personalized, fresh, healthy meals - and that is just the best. It's "easy" work for me because I'm really passionate about food and overall health of humans from the inside out. I come from a family of cooks and bakers and have always loved every aspect about food. From growing it and raising it (I grew up on a farm) to experimenting with new recipes and cuisines. 
I also work as a trainer and holistic health coach at The Human Form where I get to teach people how to move efficiently and create a pain-free, functional life. In addition to my two jobs that I love, I am pursing a degree in exercise and nutritional education and volunteer and coach for a leadership group here in Columbus called Next Level.
My life goals in general are to plant seeds of love, abundance and health within others and in the work I choose to do. Then do whatever it takes to nurture them until they bloom and can give life and happiness to even more people. 
In my free time I like to explore Columbus, I often ride my bike or go kayaking. I am a frequent concert and festival goer. And believe it our not, even after hours of cooking in the FBB kitchen, I (still) LOVE hosting dinner parties! Any excuse to get my tribe together to celebrate just about anything, even if its just the food. 
If you have to eat one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Chocolate or popcorn.. oh wait, I already do that. So i guess it would be Chipotle, or any kind of Tex-Mex type bowl! 

Eliska Wrightson

Kitchen Manager

For me, working for Food by Bel is about making a difference. Our clients are all hard working individuals, and the thought of being able to take the pressure of cooking everyday off their shoulders makes me feel really great! I love being able to  cook all day! I get a huge sense of accomplishment after spending hours in the kitchen creating delicious meals. 
At this stage in my life, my goals are to enjoy the little things in life. I have a degree in Art History from the University of Massachusetts and worked at Yale for 5 years after college, so I'd really like to focus on doing things that really make me happy now.  In my free time i do a lot of hiking, camping, and kayaking (weather permitting), and of course, cooking!!  I'm passionate about the idea of living a healthy, happy lifestyle through food and spending a lot of time outdoors. I grew up in England, and my mother is Slovak, two things I think helped shape my culinary sensibilities immensely. I've travelled a lot in Europe, and my palate has really adapted because of these experiences. I would love to eat my way around the world one day. :) 

If you have to eat one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
This is probably the hardest question I've ever had to answer EVER! There are very few types of food I actually don't like. I think if I had to narrow it down I would probably pick seafood...salmon probably. I also love Indian cuisine....but also you can't beat a good steak. I just can't pick!!! 


Meet our Personal Chefs!

At Food by Bel we are passionate about having an option for EVERYBODY.

Families with multiple or young children and clients with severe allergies often struggle to order from our Meal Delivery menu - either because it's pricy to buy meals for 6 people, or because of their unique dietary restrictions.

Our In-Home Prep program was designed for these clients! These families and individuals are able to work one-on-one with an Associate Chef who creates a custom meal plan and prepares their meals in their home. This saves our clients money and allows for the highest level of customization! Plus, Sabrina and Jana are both out-of this-world amazing!



Miriam Green

Personal Chef

Veggies are my favorite! I love to eat vegetables and I really love to cook with them. My mission is to make healthy, wholesome, flavorful, vegetable-loaded food that tastes incredible. I have lots of experience cooking low carb and vegetarian/vegan. My flavor inspiration comes from home cooks all around the world. I love working at Food by Bel because I get to be creative with food every day and show how yummy healthy can be!

Sabrina Koeppen

Personal Chef

As a self taught chef, I have been cooking for over 30 years and am a very adaptable in the kitchen. I usually spend my free time practicing recipes and trying to make everyday feel like vacation - so naturally, what's not to love about being a part of the Food by Bel team?!! I get to work every day with my biggest passion in life.. PIZZA....well, not just pizza, but FOOD... I get to create connections, unite families, give back to the world and show love!