Weekly Meal Prep

With Chefs Miriam and Sabrina

Your Personal Chef will create a menu based on your requests, then prepare your meals for you in your kitchen!

Come home to your favorite, fresh meals ready to eat and a sparkling clean kitchen!


What is the cost of the service?
The rate for our Personal Chef Service is $40 per hour. This rate is applied to the time your Personal Chef spends creating your menu, assembling grocery list, prepping your meals and cleaning up your kitchen. The cost of groceries and any other meal ingredients or supplies is additional. 

Could my Personal Chef prep for me when I'm at work?
Absolutely! Our chefs prep for the majority of our clients when they are out of the house. When you meet with your chef during your free, in-home consultation, you'll be able to make arrangements for this going forward.

Will my Personal Chef go grocery shopping for me?
Possibly! Talk to your chef about this option at your free consultation. Your chef can definitely order your food items via Kroger Clicklist, Instacart, Shipt or a similar service. Clients may otherwise be responsible for providing the groceries necessary for their meal prep, but talk with your chef about their availability to grocery shop for you - if you'd like, they may be able to pick up your food items from specialty stores and markets.

Will my Personal Chef prep for me on the same day each week?
Yes! You and your chef can set up a schedule that works best for you, whether it's weekly, biweekly, etc.

I don't have a large kitchen. Am I still able to have a chef cook for me in my home?
Yes! During your free, in-home consultation you and your chef will discuss kitchen space and available equipment, and make arrangements accordingly.


Intimate In-Home Catering

With Chef Sabrina

Below are just a few ways our intimate, in-home catering services can create your perfect event!

Anniversary Dinners - Christmas Parties - Bachelorette Parties - Health Retreats - Birthday Parties - Family Gatherings


What is the cost of the service?
The rate for our Intimate In-Home catering services is $55 per hour. Our rate does not include the cost of food or supplies, which will be billed for or provided by the client. 

Where would Sabrina prepare the food for our event?
Sabrina typically does all cooking and food assembly in the client's home where the event will take place. However, she may also use our commercial kitchen space if necessary or requested. We charge a rate of $70 per hour if your food is prepared at our kitchen and then delivered to your home or event space.

What if we want to have our event at an event space (not in our home)?
This may be possible! Mention that you would like to have your event at a non-residential space in the questionairre above and we can discuss more detials. 

Will Sabrina go grocery shopping for me?
Sabrina will order your food items via Kroger Clicklist, Instacart, Shipt or a similar service, and may be able to pick up items from the store on occasion. Clients are otherwise responsible for providing the groceries necessary for their meal prep.

Meet our Personal Chefs!



Sabrina Koeppen

Personal Chef and Caterer

As a self taught chef, I have been cooking for over 30 years and am a very adaptable in the kitchen. I usually spend my free time practicing recipes and trying to make everyday feel like vacation - so naturally, what's not to love about being a part of the Food by Bel team?!! I get to work every day with my biggest passion in life.. PIZZA....well, not just pizza, but FOOD... I get to create connections, unite families, give back to the world and show love! 


Miriam Green

Personal Chef

Veggies are my favorite! I love to eat vegetables and I really love to cook with them. My mission is to make healthy, wholesome, flavorful, vegetable-loaded food that tastes incredible. I have lots of experience cooking low carb and vegetarian/vegan. My flavor inspiration comes from home cooks all around the world. I love working at Food by Bel because I get to be creative with food every day and show how yummy healthy can be!


All this healthy deliciousness could be for you! ☟

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